Friction Quits Radio 1 Drum & Bass Show

Ed Keeley, better known by his stage name 'Friction' has built a huge presence in the drum & bass community over many years. The man behind Shogun Audio has played thousands of shows worldwide and mixed many of the best Drum & Bass Arena complications over the years.

Taking over from DnB dons Fabio & Grooverider in 2012, Friction has been consistently rinsing out the freshest dubs in the weekly slot on Tuesday's from 1AM. After the departure of Bailey and Crissy Criss, this left Friction on his own as the only pure D&B show across all BBC radio stations.

After a long run in the hot seat, Friction has decided to depart. Stating form his Facebook page that it's "not been as easy decision", but wants to focus on "studio production and performing my label duties, as well as (most importantly) being a father."

Ram Records' Rene La Vice is joining fellow Canadian DJ B Traits on the BBC's airways. He'll be single handedly taking over from Friction as the Radio 1 Drum & Bass show's new presenter.

From the D&B community across the pond, Rene stated on his Facebook page "I'm thrilled and very grateful to be given the opportunity to represent the music I love on the biggest platform in the world"

With D&B very strong at the moment, will the beeb take notice and fill the massive 170BPM shaped gap left in Friday's dance music marathon'? Perhaps not. But what we do know is it's the end of an era for Ed, and the start of a new one for DnB at the BBC.

Is Rene a good replacement for Friction? Who would you like to see take his place? Let us know in the comments below.